How to Remove Strong Scents from Dishes and Tupperware

I sometimes find myself with dishes (usually plastic storage containers, but not always) that smell like the food they last contained, even after washing. Even worse, I occasionally have one that smells like mold after it takes a trip to Narnia…aka the back of the refrigerator.

I know that plastic storage containers are largely meant to be tossed out eventually, but I hate doing that unless I absolutely have no other choice. For one, it’s bad for the environment, and for two, I’m thrifty. I accidentally came upon this solution shortly after a nasty cold.

During cold and flu season, my household goes through a lot of lemons making Hot Lemonade. It’s our go-to drink for sore throats and horse voices. The drink uses a whole lemon cut up into eight pieces. The used lemons don’t have enough flavor to be used again in a drink, but they still have plenty of useful life. Once we’re done drinking our Hot Lemonade, the left over lemons go into a container in the refrigerator. They last that way for a few weeks.

Lemon Scent

To remove the scent from your dishes, place one or more lemon pieces into the smelly dish. Add a small amount of dish soap (I prefer Dawn), and fill with very hot water. Allow to soak until the water returns to room temperature.

My crock pot is currently undergoing this treatment to remove the scent of burnt chicken and pineapple.

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