Nutella Filled Banana Muffins

In college, my friends introduced me to Nutella with waffle pretzels. They were shocked and amazed that I had survived for nearly 30 years without ever tasting the delicious chocolatey hazelnut goo. I was hooked on first taste. However, my Nutella instruction was far from over. They taught me all of the wonderful ways that it could be eaten, by dipping strawberries in it, spreading it on toast, covering a banana, scooping it straight by the spoonful. My favorite combination was definitely Nutella spread on a banana.

Banana Muffins

I absolutely love quick breads like zucchini bread, apple spice bread, and banana bread. With that in mind, I was sure that if bananas and Nutella were good together, banana bread and Nutella would be even better. I made a batch and Boyfriend was a huge fan. I took the rest of the batch to work with me, and they were gone almost as soon as I brought them in the door.

This past week, I found myself with half a dozen bananas that were more ripe than we’ll eat here (I like them still a bit green and Boyfriend doesn’t like them with more than a few small brown spots). Banana bread seemed like the perfect solution. Boyfriend and I are taking an Advanced EMT class together, so I decided to double the batch of muffins and take them to class. I didn’t bring any home.

Nutella Banana Muffins

I am still working on making everything from scratch, and finding an acceptable recipe for Nutella is on my list. For now, though, I used the store-bough stuff.

1-1/2 C all-purpose flour
1 C sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
3 medium ripe bananas
1 egg
1/3 C vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2-1 C Nutella

Preaheat the oven to 375°.

In a large bowl, combine dry ingredients. In another bowl, mash the bananas. Add egg, oil and vanilla; mix well. Stir into the dry ingredients just until moistened. Fill greased or paper-lined muffin cups half full.

Bake for 18-22 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes; remove from pan to a wire rack to cool completely.

Fill a pastry bag with Nutella. (I prefer a size 5 round frosting tip for filling my muffins.) Insert the top half of the tip into the first muffin. Squeeze the bag gently just until the top of the muffin starts to bulge. Then pull the tip out of the muffin and move onto the next. Repeat until all of the muffins have been filled.

Yield: 1 dozen.

TIPS: Store-bought Nutella gets a bit thick after it has been opened. If yours is too thick, microwave it for 15-30 seconds (no more than 15 at a time) until it thins slightly. If you must stack these for storage or transportation, place a piece of parchment paper between each layer.

3 thoughts on “Nutella Filled Banana Muffins

  1. Thanks! I love her blog too! I have such a LONG list of things to start making from scratch. The pantry items are slowly being replaced by homemade versions.

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